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Guide to Buying A Diamond

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Guide to Buying A Diamond

Choosing a diamond is not difficult, if you understand the characteristics that distinguish one gem from another. There are many key quality factor to determine a diamond. The quality factor are Clarity, Colour, Cut, Carat, Setting. Learn the quality factor then make choice your diamond.

1. Clarity
Clarity is a diamond's purity. that nature diamond is rarely perfect. To evaluated clarity, diamond must viewed under 10X magnification. There should be no flaws or imperfections in the form of spots. More clarity mean more perfect diamond.

2. Color
Colours of diamond can range from light yellow to totally colourless. More colourless diamond or more whiter more perfect diamond. White diamond or absence of colour is very rare. Less colour diamond make the light easy to pass through and be dispersed back in to colour spectrum .

3. Cut
The sparkle and the value of diamond also determined by cut and proportion of the diamond. they are greatest influence of the value of diamond. Diamond will be briliance if be masterfully cut. The cut does not only refer to the shape of the stone but also to the number of cuts that make up its facets.

4. Carat
Carat is the size of a diamond that defined by its weight. One carat weighs one-fifth of a gram, and is divided into 100 points. The bigger more rare and more expensive. The same carat weight can vary value depending on their colour, clarity, and cut.

5. Setting
Setting is a add value depending who want to use. Every body has own taste. There are a lot of metals that you can choose from.