Un-stuffing for the holidays

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Un-stuffing for the holidays

Well, it's officially fall!

So, you stand in front of your closet ready to pack up the flowing summery styles and bring out the comfy, cozy clothes. You know, the big comfy sweaters and layering pieces that you need to stay toasty warm in the chilly weather that's sure to be here soon. But wait…

You don't have to look like a stuffed Thanksgiving Day turkey!

Before you bring out a single piece of fall clothing, open your lingerie drawer and check your shapewear. That's the secret weapon that will keep you looking slim under those bulky fashions. Building your wardrobe, and preparing for the seasonal switch, starts with great foundation undergarments. And, there are amazing products available to you for specific fashion styles and designed to target the areas you need.

The days of the girdle are gone, and everyone knows about Spanx. But, your arsenal should include several different undergarments for specific items in your closet. Do you need tummy control, thigh smoothing, butt lifting or something to give you a little more cleavage in that sexy dress you plan to wear for the New Years party?

Start by honestly analyzing your body type. Don't be overly critical or get yourself down. Just stand in front of the mirror and you will instantly see the areas that bug you. It's best to have two mirrors so that you see your "exit". Many women look fabulous from the front, but forget about panty lines and bra bulge on the backside.

Now comes the fun part. Go shopping! Search for shapewear that targets your specific needs. For example, don't buy a full body shaper if you only need tummy control. You are trying to achieve a shapely figure, not a flat one. Try different approaches. Gwyneth Paltrow used two pairs of shapewear to conceal her post baby belly at an LA gala just weeks after giving birth!

So, the moral here is to be prepared. Just like changing the smoke detector batteries twice a year at daylight savings. Check your arsenal of shapewear with each change of the season and revamp of the wardrobe. The last thing you want to do is to frantically try to find the right foundation undergarment the night of the party! And, if you don't have it, end up miserable feeling like the stuffed turkey of the evening.

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About the author:
David and Sandra Lanning own an upscale women's boutique in Rhode Island. They have been in the fashion business for over twelve years and are commited to helping women look fabulous and feel great with proper wardrobe seletion. The Lannings created Shapewear and Body Shapers - to help women with selecting and buying shapewear that will produce results.

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