Basics That Won’t Break The Bank

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Basics That Won’t Break The Bank

Basics That Won’t Break The Bank

There are plenty of basics you can pick up that there’s no need to pay the extra to obtain a “design name.” From the outside no ones going to know they aren’t designer and no ones going to see the label so their a safe bet!

Items such as white jeans, flirty skirts, cotton T’s, crocheted shrugs, or shorts can be purchased without the designer name. Also watch for T’s put on sale by some of the big online retailers for as much as 50% off. quite regularly puts DKNY and Rebecca Beeson T’s on for a serious reduction in price.

Looking fresh like they just came off the rack is important. If you purchased budget items then you’ve save quite a few dollars so once they start looking not so fresh get rid of them.

Shoes are another arena where you can save some money. No need to buy designer. Most important is fit and comfort, and of course you need to be certain they’ll work with your wardrobe. This season the wedge, as well as flats for the summer season, are in style so have some fun. If you shop carefully you can add several pair for the price of one pair of designer shoes.

Lastly you can save a whole lot of money on your jewelry. Costume jewelry is affordable and the selection is great. If you stick to costume jewelry you can buy pieces for this seasons fashion and not feel bad because you spent too much and they are out of style next year. There are many good online store with very reasonable prices. Don’t forget to have a hunt through your old jewelry as well – you might be surprised at what you find that has made it back into style. Large clunky jewelry is certainly in. As is wood and bone jewelry. Color is making a big statement this year. This is a very fun season because just about anything goes provided you complete your look.

If you need to get some ideas for the spring season – this months women’s magazines have some great articles and examples. Vogue, Elle, and In Style are all full of excellent fashion pages.

So don’t fret, you can look like a million dollars on a shoe string budget with a little creativity and hunting! Make your fashion statement!

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