Home made body scrub

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Home made body scrub

Home made body scrub

Treat yourself to a heavenly home made lavender sea salt scrub the next time you shower. Let it ease the stress, smoothen and soften your skin and leave you with beautiful, fragrant skin.

It is really easy to make your own scrub. All you need is a good cold pressed vegetable oil. You could use cold pressed olive oil from the supermarket, sweet almond oil or any unscented carrier oil for aromatherapy.

Next, you need same sea salt. If you want something that really exfoliates rough skin, get coarse sea salt. If you want to pamper yourself with something that is not so rough, then go for fine sea salt.

Finally, you need some pure essential lavender oil.

Now take a clean dry jar.

Pour in half a cup of sea salt and half a cup your chosen oil into the jar. Then add 10 drops of pure lavender essential oil. Stir well.

That's it. That is your lavender sea salt scrub.

Use your scrub in the shower, right after showering and rinsing off all the soap, apply this home made scrub all over your wet body. Massage the scrub into your skin to exfoliate and smoothen your skin. Then rinse off the scrub in the shower and pat dry with a towel.

The oil in the scrub leaves your skin soft, smooth and moist.

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