Rubber bracelets: the ubiquitous talismans of hope

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rubber bracelets: the ubiquitous talismans of hope

Rubber bracelets: the ubiquitous talismans of hope

Symbols of solidarity and empathy in the face of adversity. That is what the ubiquitous yellow rubber bracelets of Lance Armstrong's Live Strong Foundation are. But when the ace cyclist who overcame cancer to win the Tour de France seven times in a row promoted his signature yellow rubber wristbands, little did he know that he was kicking off a global trend.

Today rubber bracelets are no longer just about cancer; they have become the ultimate fundraising tool for charities. What is more, they have become simple, highly customizable talismans of hope and optimism for human beings fighting against the bitter realities of life.

It is this quality of personalization that is at the core of the lure of rubber bracelets all over the world. They now come in all colors and with all kinds of messages stamped on them. The Red Cross has issued red rubber bracelets for tsunami victims, and the relatives of American servicemen are sport green ones with the message 'Support our troops' stamped on them. Then there are the yellow rubber band bracelets for cancer research support. Then there are the striped ones coloured like the rainbow, the translucent ones, the ones with twin messages... You'll find as many types of those rubber bracelets as there are people around!

You may know someone diagnosed with cancer, you may happen to know a tsunami victim, you may have a relative or friend in Iraq or Afghanistan. Each time you see that rubber loop on your wrist you will be reminded of them. That is the beauty of it all. They are not something you leave at home when you go to work. They are an ever-present reminder of the cause you support, the no-so-fortunate brethren you care for.

And these rubber bracelets can be left on your wrists at all times -- neither sweat nor water can spoil them. Plus they are cheap. Rubber bracelets can be ordered in lots of 500 or more at some Web sites for very low rates.

As a promotion tool the rubber bracelets are a win-win proposition for all people involved. The charities that sell these rubber bracelets donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause they support, the citizen who buys them gets a means to show he cares, and for the manufacturer of the rubber bracelet it is just more business coming his way!

These rubber bracelets are a way to convert a vicious circle of despair and ruin into a virtuous circle of hope and solidarity. So what are you waiting for? Get one of those rubber bracelets now!

About the author:
Shannan Barrett is an avid reader and market researcher. She dedicates much of her free time helping the underprivileged and finds the charitable aspect of the 'bracelet craze' amazing, especially with Lance Armstrong’s 'Live Strong' foundation. Barrett finds that their highly customizable nature has made rubber bracelets the ultimate personal talisman of hope and solidarity for millions around the world. Know more about rubber bracelets at

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