What bald is all about?

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What bald is all about?

What bald is all about?

Bald! This little word can be a simple joke for many people but it can also be the worst nightmare for many others.

Being bald may be the dream of many men, since some women are crazy about a beautiful man bald. However, some men get desperate when they realize they are going through a hair loss process.

For those men who are concerned about body, about being handsome and keeping themselves young, baldness may be a serious problem and even generate some psychological disorders, such as social isolation and depression.

These problems are even bigger and more serious when a woman goes under a process of hair loss. Many are the factors for female baldness. The most common has to do with heredity and pregnancy. Bald females may experience tough moments when they find out their hair – symbol of their sexuality – is falling and it is not under their control.

Hair loss is a part of the process of getting bald. Although hair loss cannot be avoided, it can be prevented. Some simples measures can prevent hair from falling. Some factors can be perfect controlled by us, but other factors are independent on our wish.

In spite of it, bald may be pretty interesting for some guys. There are some women that are crazy about bald guys. And in this case, the issue that is usually treated as something negative or with the pejorative meaning of a sign of age, may become the very best friend of men when asking a woman out.

Besides the “natural” reasons for getting bald, such as heredity, stress or environmental effects (radiation, for example), there are still the reasons caused by aggressive drugs therapies. Chemotherapy for patients with cancer is the head of a list that establishes the most common drugs therapies known for causing hair loss.

In the case of getting bald due to drug therapy – especially due to chemotherapy – the experience is even more traumatic, both for men and women. As the disease itself was not enough, the bald represents something as failure feeling, like someone and his/her body was not able to fight that disease.

The psychological effects caused by hair loss due to drug therapy may even hinder the improvement of the disease itself.

However, if we are not dealing with drug therapy, hair loss can be prevented.

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