Wedding Ring Tips

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wedding Ring Tips

There are only several tips chose a Wedding Ring.

1. Before determining to buy the Wedding Ring, you must did surveyed to the jewelry store or magazine or the internet. So you can compare Wedding Ring model and price. Did it a long time before the marriage day, so you still much time to determine the Wedding Ring that you wanted.

2. Arrange the budget. Try to did not exceed the budget that was determined.

3. Confirmed the model that was chosen was the model that could last long. So you can always use this Wedding Ring in the future.

4. Chose that simple and comfortable to used. Suggested, chose the white color ring and the round diamond. Because round diamond is not angle so the rays were better.

5. Do ‘final fitting’ Wedding Ring size when your condition is relax and your body temp is normal. Because your condition can Influenced your finger size.

6. For a small finger was suggested to not chose the Wedding Ring that have the wide shape.

7. Choose the ring that was easy to be cleaned, so you could treat him himself.
If your ring model was enough complicated, confirmed your shop where you bought the jewelry give the jewelry washing service.

8. If you put on the platinum Wedding Ring, avoided put it when carrying the rough work, because platinum was easy to be scratched.

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