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Thursday, July 24, 2008


When we planing to buy a jewelry especially diamond, and look in the diamond stores or online diamond stores, we can find diamond in various setting that are for sale. Many diamond are nice setting and beautiful, but it's difficult to realize that diamonds are indeed rare. Some time we don't know how diamonds came to be sitting in the jewelry store and ready to sell. Before diamond ready to sell in a various setting it's a quite a bit of work must done before diamonds can setting and ready to sell in jewelry stores.

Diamond taken by mined. Are we ever thinking that every one million diamonds that are mined, it's only one will be found one caret diamonds that is a really quality. It's very amazing. It must about five million diamonds must mined to get two caret diamonds. More than 80% of the diamonds that are mined are only good for industrial use such as diamond drill bits.

With this stories, if some time we buy one caret diamond in a jewelry stores or online jewelry stores, we can more appreciated this diamond. Because it's truly one in a million.

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