Genuine Sapphire Pendant

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Genuine Sapphire Pendant

1.02 cts Genuine Sapphire Pendant - 14kt White or Yellow Gold FREE GIFT BAG!

Genuine Sapphire Pendant
Sapphire Information
Stone shape: oval-shape
Minimum color: Blue
Cut: very-good
Polish: very-good
Stone Weight: 1.0000 carats
Minimum total gem weight: 1.0000 carats

Diamond Information
Stone shape: round-shape
Minimum color: I
Minimum Clarity: Not Available
Cut: Not Available
Polish: Not Available
Minimum Total Carat Weight: 0.0200 carats

Not available Information
Stone shape: Not Available
Minimum color: Not Available

Jewelry Information
Brand Name: Finejewelers
Metal stamp: 14k
Metal: white-gold
Material Type: sapphire, diamond, white-gold
Gem Type: Sapphire, Diamond, Not Available
Minimum total gem weight: 1 carats
Setting: Prongs
Stone Weight: 1 carats, 0.0200 carats

Genuine Sapphire Pendant

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