A brief history of Lingerie

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A brief history of Lingerie

A brief history of Lingerie
1907: American Vogue illustrated a rigid, boned brassiere with no division between the breasts. Believe it or not, it was actually worn over the corset .
1913: Mary Phelps devised the first modern bra with two lacy hankerchiefs and some help from her maid. The following year she sold the patent to a Mr Warner whom she had met at a garden party. That discussion would have been interesting.
1918: Corset-makers were running up bras designed to flatten rather than enhance. This did not last too long. You see, they were ignoring the fact that curves are much more alluring than flatness.
1925: Bras first had divisions between the breasts and adjustable straps. Thus, the first bra was introduced.
1938: Finally acknowledging that breasts did not come in standard sizes, bra-makers introduced A,B, C and D cups. Men everywhere rejoiced.
1940: Padding was first sneaked into bra cups. It was a deceptive and manipulative move. To this day, not one male has complained.
1950s: Strapless bras appeared and women were now able to wear an off-the-shoulder dress and still use a bra.
1959: Warners and Du Pont produced Lycra which we have continued to use ever since then. As a result, the many varied fashions and designs of lingerie have continued to expand.
1965: The no-bra bra was introduced to give support with a nothing-under effect. Half-hearted women’s libbers rejoiced. Males unconsciously decided to let women's libbers enjoy themselves while they continued to enjoy women who looked good in a nice set of sexy lingerie.
1973: The first no-bounce sports bra was introduced. Males ignored this change. So what!
1980s: Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secrets become national icons. Men find themselves ordering lingerie from catelogs and going into mall stores to purchase female lingerie with total abandon.
1990s: The Internet is filled with sites that feature lingerie catalogs and user friendly steps to order some of the most risque' lingerie available anywhere.
2000: For those who plunge in and decide to enjoy this form of sexuality, it just keeps getting better and better and better (The above all thanks to

Evidently sometime around 1889 a certain Madame Cudelle did the unthinkable. She apparently cut out the midriff of her corset to allow more movement from the waist. And voila! We had the brassiere. (The idea behind the corset as the
primary undergarment was to lessen a women's attributes. A practice still prevalent in certain cultures to this day but that's another story...)

Since then it has not been possible to contain the primary, most visible and most appreciated part of the female anatomy. The breasts. Odes have been dedicated to these twin towers of pleasure. Men have lost themselves in expressing how they feel about a woman's breasts. Was it not the great poet eecummings who said :"between the breasts of bestial Marj lie large men"?
But more importantly lingerie and the breast go together like a hand and glove, fish and water, sun and sky, love and romance. What is it about a woman dressed in sexy lingerie that gets a man's pulse racing. What promise of untold pleasure lurks beneath those skimpy sexy garments?

Lingerie tittilates,captivates drives a man wild with passion and desire precisely because that is the intention behind lingerie. It embodies pleasure or rather the promise of pleasure. But not in a staid fashion. Nay, in a manner that speaks of nights of wild passion!

Who can resist a woman in sexy lingerie? In fact an entire industry has sprung up around lingerie and women and men are spending serious money on sexy, exotic, erotic lingerie. With the advent of the internet it is now possible for the shyest of shoppers to indulge their wildest fantasies by buying whatever lingerie they want whenever they want and surprise their partners!

Imagine a man coming home after a long hard day.(Okay so I know that sounds sexist but bear with me). He steps in the door and he hears soft music playing. He swings the door open and there on the table burns a candle, surrounded by flowers. A sweet, invigorating fragrance hangs in the air. And as he looks up, coming through the bedroom door is a vision of utter delight...skimpily dressed in the most exotic lingerie. She gently whispers his name and all tiredness melts away from him as he rushes toward her. She cries out as he lifts her off the floor and onto the bed. The night becomes an ocean of bliss and happiness as they lose themselves in each other and in their newfound desire for each other...

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