Giving your mom a mothers ring

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Giving your mom a mothers ring

All growing up, you’ve noticed your mother wearing only one ring; her wedding ring. You may have noticed that she wears other rings for different occasions, but you’ve always seen her wearing her wedding ring. Amidst the exquisite beauty a wedding ring displays, her ring is symbolic of loyalty and commitment she has for her marriage.

A married couple may choose whether or not to bring in children to their home. Many women have expressed that motherhood is one of the greatest joys of life.

As a wedding ring denotes marriage, is there a ring to denote motherhood? Yes, but not to the same degree, as the idea of a wedding ring is more widely known and acknowledged than a mothers ring. However, a wedding ring and a mothers ring should be held in equally high regard, for they are important milestones of a woman’s role as a wife and a mother.

Here is why:
• Once you become a mother, you are always a mother. With that you should wear a mothers ring to acknowledge and be proud of this esteemed title.
• Like women wearing their wedding rings as a commitment to their husbands, mothers are entitled to wear their mothers ring as a commitment to their children.

Why you should give your mother a mothers ring…

I didn’t hear about a mothers ring until recently. When I browsed through a jewelry catalog, I saw a beautiful mothers ring that was certainly fitting for my mother. Past years of my siblings and I giving our mom a card or flowers for Mother’s day seemed so repetitive lately. This upcoming Mother’s Day I have the idea of honoring our mom with a mothers ring.

Open and personalized to a mother’s taste, a mothers ring can feature an extravagant jewel or be just a simple band. In contrast to a wedding ring, a mothers ring doesn’t have to be a financial investment, but can be very flexible in pricing.

For this upcoming Mother’s day, you will have several months to save up or at least think about what to give your mother. This time, think a bit outside of the obvious and consider giving your mom a mothers ring in May.

About the author:
Besides a mother's ring, there are many other jewelry items that display a woman's joy of motherhood equally well.

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