Which Ones Are the Best Golf Sunglasses?

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Which Ones Are the Best Golf Sunglasses?

The best golf sunglasses take care of your style and protect your eys. Not only do they keep you looking good so you can impress everyone with your style.

The glasses also keep the sun’s glare out of your eyes and protect them from its harmful rays and keep the dust and grime, blowing around you, out of your eyes.

The big-names on the market include Oakley, Bolle, NYX, Arnette, and RayBan. These glasses tend to have pretty hefty price tag, unless know where to look and some good online shopping. If your new to golf and just dropped a few grand on clubs and a country club membership, you may not want to spend much on sunglasses.

Inexpensive glasses can be just as advanced, comfortable, and good looking as the high priced versions. They can come with lightweight polycarbonate materials so they are barely noticeable once they’re on your face. They can also come with special attachments to loop the glasses around your ears, so no matter how hard you hack at the ball, those glasses won’t fall off.

More importantly for your eyes’ health, the best golf sunglasses come with lenses that block 100 percent of the deadly ultraviolet rays from the sun. Look for glasses that block both UVA and UVB. The higher the nanometer rating, the better.

Depending on the weather conditions you'll want to consider the color of the lenses. Bright sunny days need a darker colored lense, maybe even mirrored or polarized.

Darker cloudy days can still be glary and hard on the eyes, a light grey or an amber lense would be perfect.

Best yet is to find a pair with interchangable lenses. Allowing you the ability to change the lenses as you need.

You’ll have more cash in your pocket to purchase balls, equipment, green fees, and, of course, frosty beverages from the drink cart.

At the same time you'll be protecting your eyes and you’ll look good doing it, too.

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