The Cs to a wedding ring set

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Cs to a wedding ring set

The Cs to a wedding ring set

Society honors the tradition that following a couple’s engagement, the man presents the woman with a ring, bearing a solid commitment to each other with a forthcoming wedding. Upon all the fanfare and celebration of the woman’s engagement, how does the engaged man become glorified? He might receive a few pats on the backs from his buddies leading up to an eventual bachelor party, but unlike the engaged woman, he will usually not be seen sporting a ring on his left hand during the engagement.

It is on the wedding day that the new groom will finally bear recognition that he is no longer a bachelor, trading in his single hood for the new chapter in his life of marriage. It is also recognition that his left hand will finally grace a wedding band on his fourth finger.

Taking into consideration of the many types of wedding rings that people prefer, does the groom wear a wedding ring matching that of his bride? The bride may wish to have a yellow gold band to compliment her engagement ring, but the groom prefers a titanium band for his hand. How important is it to match your spouse with a corresponding wedding ring set?

Matching or not, wedding rings all comes down to what the couple prefers. Keeping in mind of a matching wedding ring set for the bride and groom will demonstrate two important aspects developed in a marriage.

Compliments: The bride may desire a white gold band to match her engagement ring, but the groom favors a yellow gold wedding band. Whatever is your preference, you will be happy with your choice. However, choosing a wedding ring set to match your spouse will signify unity. When you are together with your spouse, your matching wedding bands will compliment each other.

Coordinates: A great example of a coordinating wedding ring set is the Hawaiian wedding bands. On each band is imprinted the name of the spouse in an Old English type font and is surrounded by a Hawaiian floral design. Wearing your wedding band with your spouse’s name and having your name on their ring is a dedicated reminder of the commitment to your spouse and to your marriage.

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