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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Looking into a necklace

An ornament around the neck, the necklace is a visible representation of the individual.
You notice their necklace, and if you’re curious, you wonder if they wear it for decoration or sentimental value.

In elementary school, one of the popular trends of my former female classmates was sharing a friendship necklace with a best friend at school. This entailed two necklaces splitting a heart, with the left side titled “best,” and the right side of the heart saying “friend.” Of course, this popular trend made it difficult to distinguish who a classmate’s best friend was, but back in elementary school, it was basically just trendy to be spotted wearing the “cool” best friend necklace.

My elementary school days have long passed, and so has the desire for a friendship necklace. Over the years I would value wearing various necklaces for the sake of style and beauty, but eventually outgrew them as time wore on. There is one necklace that I have kept, given many years ago from my grandmother; a thin gold chain holding a kava bowl. Because of those things that I value now, I still wear this necklace because it displays what I am very passionate about; family and identity.

For the many reasons that individuals value their own personal treasures, I would like to share why I value this special necklace. Hopefully, you will be able to identify what your treasures are, whether they are displayed on a necklace or exhibited in another way.

Family value: My grandmother lives thousands of miles away from me and I have not seen or talked to her in four years. Wearing the necklace given to me by my grandmother is a sentimental reminder of a far-away loved one. When she gave it to me, she enlightened me of its importance. She advised me it was a necklace passed down from her ancestors, and that I was to preserve it and pass it on to future generations.

The visits with my grandmother are rare, but wearing the gold necklace on a special occasion helps remind me not only of my grandmother, but my whole family, the most important people in my life.

Cultural value: As mentioned before, the necklace is a gold chain holding a small kava bowl. The kava bowl symbolizes a cultural tradition shared in the South pacific islands. The drink, typically celebrated in a formal ceremony or with an intimate group, is ingested with the intent to provide a calm sensation to the body.

The tradition of drinking kava holds respect to an ancient tradition and is one of many expressions of the Polynesian culture, an identity in which I derive from. Although I was not raised on the islands, I am very aware and proud of my roots and delight in the continual learning of my heritage.

These two values are all encompassed in my kava bowl necklace, a jewelry piece that I beautifully display around my neck. Overall, necklaces are personal expressions of an individual’s passions and interests. For exquisite beauty or to display a family keepsake, wear your special necklace to help you reflect on your personal treasures in life.

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