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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Bonded Jewelers sell Bonded Diamond, yes... I think this title is very match for this posting. There are very few bonded jewelers, but it's very important. Consider to dealing with a bonded diamonds before buy a diamonds. Although we know that buy a bonded diamonds jewelry has more expensive than buy non bonded diamonds jewelry, we will see that it's well worth the extra price. Only about 5% of diamonds jewelers in the world are bonded.

By shopping diamond jewelers we get more advantage,
  1. We get buy back policy. bonded diamonds have a buy back policy for the life of the diamonds. We can take it back to the bonded jewelers and sell diamonds jewelry back to the jewelers and we will get for a 100% refund, no matter how long we have had this diamonds jewelry. If a jeweler does't offer a 100% buy back guarantee for the life of the diamonds, then must take a closer look at the diamond to see what is wrong with it.
  2. Breakage Policy. Bonded jewelers will replace diamond with a new one - one time if the stone breaks or chips.
  3. Increase in value. With a fixed appreciation rate that is designed to keep up with inflation, bonded diamonds always increase in value.
I think there are more advantage by shopping diamonds in diamond jewelers. If you have experience with it, please sharing to us.

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